Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Daddy Daughter Date

Last night, Cody and Avery went on their first official "Daddy-Daughter Date." They had a reservation at the 'Dinner in Paris' event at Chick-Fil-A and even wore their fancy clothes. They had the best time! Not only did they eat all the chicken they wanted, they made a little craft, did some painting, and even had a caricature drawn (which Avery apparently wasn't a fan of, but surprisingly, it turned out pretty accurate). They finished the night with a big scoop of ice cream. So it was basically the cutest little date ever. Cody said the night was great and they had a lot of fun! It's so sweet watching these two together. I'm so thankful for them!

PS- Good job Cody for documenting this little date so well! :)

Cody said she kept calling this little face 'Mommy.' I'm just going to assume she was making it for me and not implying that it looked like me ;)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Movie Under the Moon: Frozen

Avery's dream came true...she met Anna and Elsa from Frozen!!!

If you know Avery, you know that she absolutely LOVES the movie Frozen. So, when I saw that the Sugar Land Town Square was hosting an outdoor "Movie Under the Moon" and showing Frozen, I thought, "Oh, that could be fun!" Then when I realized Anna and Elsa were going to be there in person, I thought, "Oh, heck yes!" So we headed to the square, picked up a pizza from Jupiter, and had a little picnic while we waited for the movie to start. About 10 minutes before it started, we saw a massive crowd moving along the edge of the square. I realized that Anna and Elsa had made their grand entrance so I took Avery over to catch a glimpse of them. She waved and waved and waved with the biggest grin on her face! The crowd was insane so I told Avery that we would come back and see them in a little bit. She was not having that. She exclaimed, "I hug Anna! I hug Anna!". How am I supposed so say no to that? So we got in the ridiculously long line to meet them. After 45 minutes, it was finally our turn to take a picture. I figured Avery was going to be very clingy and not let me put her down so I could take her picture. I was wrong. She went straight to Anna and gave her a big hug. The people in charge of the event were rushing the parents to take one picture and go, so I didn't have the chance to get Avery to look and smile, but trust me, she was so excited (the fact that she's letting a complete stranger hold her proves she was totally cool with it, although I guess Anna isn't really a stranger ;)). After we left, she exclaimed, "I did it! I did it!" She was pretty proud of herself and so was I! I think this may have been her most favorite night ever.

^^ Bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes in Pearland. So good!

^^ Right after she gave Anna a hug.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Museum of Natural Science

It's currently my favorite time of year...the time of year where all the older kids have gone back to school, but yet it's still too early for class field trips. It means we get museums, zoos, parks, and libraries all to ourselves! I took Avery to the Museum of Natural Science in Sugarland yesterday and we literally had the place to ourselves. It was awesome. This was our first time to visit and I was very impressed! Its on the smaller side so we were able to take our time at each exhibit. There were also a ton of hands on activities that kept Avery very entertained. We watched a movie in the dome theater and Avery got to dig for dinosaur fossils in the dig pit (this was her favorite part and I'm glad we saved it for the end or else we would have never seen the rest of the museum!). She left with a new found love for "die-a-soars." (In fact, at this moment, she's asking (more like demanding) to go see the dinosaurs as she looks at the pictures below.) She even picked out some "baby" dinosaurs from the gift shop. We had such a fun time and will definitely be back...often!

^^ The museum actually used to be a prison!

^^ Movie in the dome theater. She wasn't into laying down to watch.

^^ Digging for dinosaur fossils. There were two separate dig pits. The pit for older kids had actual mulch and tools and giant "bones".

^^ Taking care of her baby "die-a-soars"

Friday, September 5, 2014

Monthly Randoms

Here are a few pictures from the month of August that didn't make it to Instagram. Enjoy!