Monday, February 23, 2015


A few weeks ago, I took Avery to an ophthalmologist because her right eye would cross in towards her nose when she would look at things up close. She did so great at this appointment (I took her back in September and it was meltdown city. I don't think he was able to get an accurate look at her eyes because she was crying/kicking/screaming so much). This time, she didn't cry at all and even spoke when they asked her what the pictures on the wall were. I was so impressed! 

It was determined that she has accommodative esotropia-- basically, she's slightly far-sighted and over focuses when she looks at things up close, which causes her right eye to cross in. To correct this, glasses are needed. So after the appointment, we went down to the optical center to check out our options. Avery had fun trying on different types of glasses, but she knew immediately which ones she wanted...

"Pink gwasses!" 

They came in about a week later and she has done so great with them! She doesn't fight me about putting them on. Once they're on, she leaves them on. And best of all, I haven't noticed her eye crossing in when she wears them, which is so good! I'm so glad she likes them and they seem to be helping!

Oh, and I did not think she could get any cuter, but she has proven me wrong :)

Monday, February 16, 2015

Rosenberg Railroad Museum

If you know Avery, you know she loves trains. Every time she is at Gammy's, she makes Gammy run out into the front yard so that they can see the train when it goes by. She loves the train at Hermann Park. She just loves all things train. So, a couple of weeks ago, we headed to the Rosenberg Railroad Museum after MOPS. We were literally the only people there!

We started off by looking at all of the old timey train memorabilia and history of the trains and station in Rosenberg.

Then, we got a personal guided tour of the facility and different train cars. Don't ask me about the history of the trains (I can't remember!), but they were really neat on the inside. I do believe he said that the big blue Quebec train was very rare and a president traveled in the one they had on site! Oh, and a little chicken from a local farm escaped and made its new home in one of the train cars. He's been at the museum for awhile now. Avery thought that was pretty cool.

We also got to see a huge model train set. Most everything was made by hand. The trees are pipe cleaners and the mountains are made out of cat litter. Quite impressive!

After the tour, Avery got to play in the toy room (which a neat space, especially for birthday parties) and on the wooden train. They have a platform near the fence where you can watch the trains come by. Unfortunately, none came by during our time there.

Avery had such a blast climbing all over that wooden train. She did NOT want to leave. I managed to coax her off of it by a trip to the gift shop. She picked out a train whistle. As we were heading to the car, I noticed a giant Coke wall mural across the street. It had a little bench underneath that was just begging for me to take a picture of Avery sitting on.

We had a good time. I'm looking forward to taking Avery back and hopefully getting to see a train roll by!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Monthly Randoms

Here are a few pictures from the month of January that didn't make it to Instagram. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Winterfest 2015

This past Saturday, Avery and I went to Winterfest in Pearland. We took a school bus shuttle from the school parking lot to the event at the rec center. This was Avery's first time on a school bus and she kind of looked a little freaked out the whole time. When I asked her what she thought about it, she said, "Dis is kinda bumpy!" So hilarious!

The event was set up very nicely. On one side of the rec center, they had a bunch of vendors and food and bounce houses and even a snow tubing hill. The line was crazy long for snow tubing so we didn't make it over that way.

Painting the community art wall

On the other side of the rec center, they had pony rides, a petting zoo, and all of the little carnival type rides and games. Avery loved the petting zoo. She was obsessed with hugging a sweet little deer. It was the cutest thing ever!

We watched a children's glee club performance that was all about Disney songs and characters. Avery LOVED it. It didn't hurt that Anna, Elsa, and Olaf made an appearance. And Dorothy, from The Wizard of Oz, sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow so Avery was pretty excited about that too.

Watching the glee club performance

Finally, we headed over to the carousel for a quick little ride since Avery didn't want to ride a live pony. I'm so glad she has overcome her fear of the carousel!

It was a fun little afternoon hanging out with my best girl!