Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Break Bash

Last week was spring break, so Avery and I made it a point to stay out of the house as much as possible. On Tuesday, we headed to Houston. Avery had a follow up eye appointment, which went very well. Then, we went to meet Cody for lunch. Before we picked him up, we made a pit stop at the Biscuit Paint Wall in Montrose. It's so cool! However, Avery was a little upset that we were just there to snap a quick picture and not actually paint.

While we were at lunch, I realized that one of our friends was at Discovery Green, so we met up with her after dropping Cody back off at work. Discovery Green was holding a big spring break bash all week. Avery and her friend, Kai, had so much fun. There was a foam party, a splash pad, sno cones, and lots of running around. I kept waiting for the "My shirt is wet!!" meltdown from Avery (the girl hates her clothes being wet), but it never happened! I guess she was having way too much fun to notice. Impromptu playdates are the best!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Froberg's Farm

Last Monday, Avery and I went to Froberg's Farm for the first time. We loved it! Avery had so much fun picking strawberries and classifying them as, "Good, red ones. Still growing, yellow ones. And eww, yucky gross ones!" She filled up 3/4 of a bucket and it was only $5.31! When I asked her what we should do with all of the strawberries, she said, "build a sandcastle!" Not sure where that came from, but we decided smoothies and popsicles would be tastier than a sandcastle. Here are some pictures from our time there!

This strawberry was stubborn!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Monthly Randoms

I'm behind, but here are a few pictures from the month of February that didn't make it to Instagram. Enjoy!

McGovern Centennial Gardens

A couple of weeks ago, I took Avery to Hermann Park so we could ride the train. Unfortunately, the train was shut down for repairs. Instead, we walked over the the newest section of the park, McGovern Centennial Gardens, to check it out. It's beautiful! Lots of green space, beautiful gardens, and a neat hill you can walk to the top of to get a great view of the park. I see lots of donut picnics happening in the new future at this new park! Here are a few pictures from our time there.